One of my best friends, of nearly thirteen years, Glo.

Trying to get a better understanding of my editing style… More to come. Had access to some nice studio lights a little while ago. 

They sweat.

The moisture eats the air.   It’s essential.

Bobbing up, bobbing back. Sinking, falling. Elevated for a moment,


spreading in slow motion.

Crash against the stones.   Harder than before.

Spray across the wind.

Soak it in. Soak it all in, reach the greatest diameter.

The fatigue sets and no one’s moving anymore.

No one is swaying, no one is watching.   They sweat.

The rolls swell and dip without ever growing smaller.

The body looks at itself for the first time.

In a long time. 

She doesn’t see her eyes as they water.

She breathes in the salt as she suffocates.

I recently shot the Annual Holiday Party for the Homeless Prenatal Program here in San Francisco. I don’t consider myself good at taking posed photos, and had only a few days to practice using a flash unit my friend Joe gave me, but these are my preferred from the bunch.